Image Credit: Emirates Draw

Dubai: Emirates Draw conducted the weekly draw for what is touted as the biggest prize money in the UAE of Dh100,000,000.

The winning numbers this Sunday were 5895426. There were no tickets bought matching this exact 7-digit number, and therefore, there were no winners for the grand prize.

Image Credit: Emirates Draw

Smaller prizes were won by matching 4 or less numbers in the randomly chosen number from right to left.

The total prize money distributed on Sunday was 752,311.

Seven guaranteed winners were also chosen - each of them win Dh77,777.

Winners of 77,777, first batch

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Winners of 77,777, second batch

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Winning number

Image Credit: Emirates Draw
Image Credit: Screengrab

How to participate

Entrants can choose to participate in the weekly draw by purchasing a Dh50 pencil that will support in planting coral polyps. After registering online, participants can select their seven-digit number or have the system choose their number randomly. With their purchase, participants are entered into two separate draws. The first one is a raffle draw where every week seven lucky participants are guaranteed to win Dh77,777 each.

In addition, all participants will be entered into a second draw with six prize categories, including a grand prize of Dh100 million when all seven numbers are matched.