Dubai courts 101
The main facade of Dubai Courts building Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A worker has gone on trial accused of threatening to post videos of his affair with a woman if she broke up with him, a Dubai court heard on Thursday.

The 23-year-old Indian defendant was having an affair with a 25-year-old Indian maid. She broke off the relationship but later saw him in Burjuman metro station, where he threatened to post clips of their encounters, unless she got back together with him.

“We had a romantic relationship and I used to have sex with him inside his place,” said the victim. “He used to record us in bed. When I saw him in the metro station, he threatened me with the clips and pictures, so I went to a police point inside the metro to report the incident,” she added.

A police officer testified that the couple were seen talking in loud voices at each other inside the metro station and that the woman told him the defendant was threatening her with indecent images and videos.

“He confessed to having an illegal affair with the woman and said that she had promised to marry him, but that she had broken up with him,” added the officer. “He said he recorded the indecent clips and pictures while they were having the affair and that she had agreed to have sex with him.”

The couple were taken to Al Rifa’a police station. Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendant with threatening the woman, however, records did not mention if the couple would be prosecuted for having an illegal affair.

The defendant remains on bail until a verdict is expected to be made on September 16.