Dubai: A woman, who hurled a wine glass at a man’s eye and caused him partial blindness after he joked about her being a lesbian, will be jailed for three months.

The 31-year-old Kenyan woman, K.S., was attending a dinner party at the house of 29-year-old Lebanese man A.H.’s girlfriend when she got angry by his discriminatory remarks and threw the glass at him in February 2015.

There were more than five couples when K.S. overheard A.H. joking about her lesbian relationship with her girlfriend when she assaulted him.

A.H. also faces three months in jail for assaulting her back.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted K.S. and A.H. of exchanging curses and assaulting each other.

Presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi ordered K.S. to pay Dh5,000 in temporary civil compensation for causing A.H. a 40 per cent permanent disability.

The Lebanese defendant was fined Dh5,000 for drinking liquor.

The two had pleaded not guilty and denied exchanging bad words.

“A.H. will be deported after serving his punishment,” said presiding judge Al Shamsi.

“I did not assault him or curse him,” the Kenyan woman told the court.

The Lebanese defendant admitted that he drank liquor but denied cursing K.S.

In his capacity as a victim, A.H. testified that the incident happened during a dinner party that his Tanzanian girlfriend had thrown for friends.

“My girlfriend had invited several friends over dinner … during which I drank two beers. Around midnight I had a heated argument with K.S., who suddenly hurled a glass at my left eye. I bled and my friends rushed me to hospital,” he testified.

A Tanzanian friend said the fight happened at the girlfriend’s place at Oudh Al Mutaina.

“There were 10 persons and every one came with a partner. A heated argument erupted between the defendants when K.S. overheard A.H. joking about her and her girlfriend. I heard K.S. telling her girlfriend ‘did you hear what he said!’ She repeated the sentence twice … then she spoke out loudly to her girlfriend saying ‘he is questioning how would we be able to have children if we continued living together’. Then she cursed A.H. and went to the door to leave the party. A.H. tried to calm her down and asked her to stay … she refused and cursed him. She sprinkled liquor at A.H.’s face and then hit him with the glass. He was injured and bled,” said the witness.

Wednesday’s ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.