Dubai A secretary has been fined Dh3,000 for swearing at a car park attendant and slapping him when he tried to prevent her from parking her car at the Emirates Towers.

The car park was said to be full when the 27-year-old Bangladeshi attendant, M.A., used the red cones to prohibit the 34-year-old British woman, C.L., from parking her car.

After she removed the cones and tried to drive through to the car park, the woman came out of her car and slapped and verbally attacked M.A. when he blocked the driveway with the cones again, the court heard.

The Dubai Misdemeanour Court convicted C.L. of swearing at the attendant and slapping him, although she entered a not guilty plea.

The Bangladeshi testified that the car parks were non-vacant when the Briton tried to drive her car into the parking around 1.20pm on March 11.

“She asked me to remove the cones so she could drive in and park her car. I informed her that the parking was full and that there were no vacant slots. She did not listen to me, she jumped out of her vehicle and removed the cones then she went back… immediately I returned the red cones to prevent her from driving through. She ran over the cones and drove her car inside. Then she came to me and slapped me and called me bad names,” the attendant told prosecutors.

When questioned by prosecutors, the Briton denied the charges. “I went down from my car and removed the cones, but he put them back and blocked my way to prevent me from parking. I removed the cones two times. The attendant came and shouted at me that there was no parking. Meanwhile, I parked my car inside and went up to my office. When he shouted at me, I shouted back… but I didn’t curse him or slap him. When I was removing the cones, I might have mistakenly hit his hand,” claimed C.L.

M.A. provided the police with a telephone recording of the Briton cursing him.