181224 jewellery
Image Credit: Dubai Police

An Indian housewife was shocked to discover jewellery worth Dh13,000 had been stolen from her house and she came to know about it only when Dubai Police called her, an officer said on Sunday.

Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jalaf, Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Dubai Police, said that two Asian housemaids had stolen gold rings, necklaces and bracelets worth Dh13,000 and the housewife didn’t know anything about it.

“She was shocked when we alerted her about the theft. The two maids stole the gold on different occasions,” Brigadier Al Jalaf said.

A team of officers caught the two Asian maids when they were trying to sell the stolen items at a jewellery shop in Dubai.

“They didn’t have any receipts or ID to prove that the gold belonged to them. After investigation, they confessed to stealing the gold from their owner,” he said.

The two maids were arrested and referred to Dubai Public Prosecution to complete the investigation.

Colonel Mohammad Ahli, Deputy Director of CID said the housewife thanked Dubai Police for their effort in arresting the maids and recovering the jewellery.

“She sent a thank-you letter to Dubai Police and affirmed she was happy and secure living in the UAE,” Col Ahli said.

Dubai Police urged housewives to monitor the maids all the time and be wise while dealing with them.

“Some domestic workers take advantage of the trust given by the owners. People should monitor the maids and be wise when dealing with them,” Col Ahli added.