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Dubai: A woman has gone on trial accused of offering bribes to a Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) official in order to help people get their driving licence, a Dubai court heard on Wednesday.

The 35-year-old Iranian woman was charged with offering Dh2,000 to the RTA official after a sting operation was set up with Dubai Police.

In February of this year, the defendant called the official - a 24-year-old man from the Comoros Islands - and asked to meet him in a cafe in Dubai.

“My job is to make driving tests for people who apply to get a license,” said the RTA official.

“She offered me between Dh30,000 to Dh50,000 per month if I pass some unknown people in their driving test,” he added.

The RTA official rejected her offer and she asked him to think about it, claiming she had done similar with other employees.

He alerted his director who asked him to get more information from her about the employees who were cooperating with her.

“I spoke with her on social media and she refused to give me names,” said the official. “I alerted the authorities and Dubai Police asked for my help to set up a trap for her.”

The defendant met the employee in a shopping centre and gave him Dh2,000 to pass some people in their test.

Dubai Police arrested the defendant and the employee handed over the money to police.

The woman admitted her crime and said she was attempting to be mediator between unknown people and the official in order to get a Dh500 share for each person.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendant with offering bribes.

The trial is adjourned until December 8.