The notification issued by Public Prosecution, warning the public against impersonation. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A maximum jail term of five years will be imposed on any individual found impersonating a public officer, the UAE Public Prosecution was warned.

Similar penalties will also be imposed on individuals found interfering with the work of a public official or carrying out a public service without the appropriate authorisation, the authority said in a reminder on its social media platforms.

“Whoever impersonates a public [officer] shall be sentenced to detention for a term not exceeding five years,” the authority said. “Whoever interferes in a public profession or service, or performs a work or requirement [that is related] without being competent or entrusted to do so, with a view to pursuing an illegitimate end or realising the benefit of whatever type for himself or others, shall be sentenced to the same penalty,” Public Prosecution added.

Impersonating security officials

A minimum of one year’s jail sentence will be imposed if the individual impersonates a security or police official.

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“The penalty shall be a detention for a term of one to five years if any acts are committed by impersonating the capacity of security or police personnel,” the Public Prosecution said.

The penalties are detailed in Article 299 of Federal Decree Law No 31 of 2021 on the UAE Penal Code.