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Kalba: Kalba Public Prosecution has referred a suspect to the Minor Criminal Court on charges of indecent assault and sexual exploitation of a child.

The details of the case date back to when a complaint submitted by the victim’s mother indicated that she discovered the accused, a relative of her’s, was sexually exploiting her son and that he was threatening him and assaulting him several times since the victim was 11 years old.

Investigations revealed that the accused had raped the victim several times and had threatened him not to report it.

Records also revealed that the accused was using drugs and psychotropic substances.

After completing the investigations, the Public Prosecution referred the accused to the Criminal Court, which ruled the conviction of the accused and punished him with imprisonment of 20 years and eight months and a fine of Dh200,000 for all charges, in addition to obligating him to pay judicial fees.In an Instagram post, Public Prosecution called on parents and family members to pay attention to the affairs of their children, to communicate with them, stay bvigilant and protect them at all times.