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Photo for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Pixabay

Ajman: Ajman's Public prosecution referred the case of a Gulf national man in his 50s who is accused of killing his wife over a mobile recharge card to Ajman criminal court, on Tuesday.

The accused allegedly beat his wife after a verbal dispute between them over the recharge card. Records show the row occurred after the victim asked her husband to bring home a mobile phone recharge card so she could speak to her family in her home country. The couple had returned to the UAE from her home country on the same day as the dispute.

The prosecutor said the accused told them that he was praying when his wife insisted he bring her a recharge card, sparking his anger. That's when he began to slap and kick her. Finally, he then struck her head with a stick, which is when she fell unconscious onto the prayer mat.

The defendant left the house some time later, bought a mobile top-up card and returned home only to find her in the same spot.

He called the ambulance because he believed that she was still alive. When the ambulance personnel arrived, it became clear that the victim had passed away. The police were informed by the ambulance personnel. They arrested the man.

Ajman Public Prosecution completed all investigations into the case and charged the accused with intentional  murder and assault, and referred the case with a list of evidence to the court in preparation for trial.

During the Public Prosecution's questioning, the defendant admitted that he and his wife had just returned to the country and his wife asked for a phone recharge card. He had asked his wife to wait until morning, but because she asked him for the card as he sat to pray, he lost his temper.

The accused said he had spoken to her after she fell to the ground and asked her to wait for the shops to open in the morning, and he pulled her out of the room while she was lying on the prayer mat, and at 9am the next day, he left the house to buy the card.

The forensic report indicated the body of the victim suffered traumatic injuries that led to her death.

Samples of blood were taken from the accused and a psychiatric evaluation concluded that he was of sound mind and body at the time of the incident.