Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution has ordered the arrest of two people who recorded and shared a video in which they wore military uniforms and made obscene gestures, it was announced on Tuesday.

The Public Prosecution said the video disrespects the military uniform and moral values of the national service, which is a source of respect for those serving in the army.

The Public Prosecution said the clip is an insult to the honour associated with army service during a time when the UAE Armed Forces is exerting massive efforts to prepare citizens in terms of adherence to military principles and values which convey a message of moral and national responsibility. It added that the UAE Armed Forces also exerts efforts in preparing citizens in aspects of fitness and education which in turn qualifies them to serve their nation.

It added that the clip shared by those irresponsible individuals is offensive to Emirati society, which loves and respects their Armed Forces. The Public Prosecution clarified that it has mobilised to confront such offensive behaviour in order to deter all those who are tempted to disrespect military values and the stature of the army in society by committing such acts.