Abu Dhabi: Two money-laundering suspects were referred to Federal Ajman Court for money laundering, fraud and forgery, a statement from the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department said on Tuesday.

The Federal Public Prosecution charged them for buying clothing and construction materials using illegally obtained money from forgery and fraud and shipping it outside the country.

Counsellor Ahmad Abdullah Al Hammadi, spokesperson of Public Prosecution, said, the investigations conducted by the Ajman Prosecution revealed that the duo are suspected of money laundering by hiding its source and engaged in fraud and forgery of official documents.

A person reported to an Ajman police station about two persons of indulging in fraudulent activities and obtaining the money through selling a car with fake documents.

The prosecution started investigating the matter and detained two people who later confessed to money laundering.

A Dubai Police forensic lab proved that the documents they used were forged.

Both accused were referred to the Federal Ajman Court For First Instance under the charges of money laundering, fraud and forgery.

Counsellor Tareq Ahmad Al Rashid, attorney general of Ajman Prosecution and head of investigation committee, and commission of money laundering and related crimes, said, the committee is working to enhance the effectiveness of the public prosecution in the face of crimes of money laundering by raising the efficiency of prosecutors.

He stressed to cooperate with the concerned authorities in tracking down the proceeds of the crimes in order to nab the accused red-handed, and then to bring them to the justice.