Sharjah: The Sharjah Criminal Court has sentenced two teens to one year in jail each after they were involved in a group fight in which a youth’s hand was chopped off.

The verdict was announced on Sunday morning and the court also ordered the two Emirati accused to pay Dh90,000 to the victim for causing him a permanent injury.

The Sharjah Criminal Court had on June 6 opened the trial of the youngsters who were allegedly involved in a group fight that ended with the youth losing his hand.

According to prosecution records, the incident occurred during a road rage fight, using swords, in January near Al Khezamiya Park.

The suspects — who are all under 16 years of age — include Emiratis and other Arab nationals.

The Emirati victim whose hand was chopped off was trying to protect himself from a sword’s blow, according to his lawyer Abdullah Salman. He had put his hand in front of his face and, as a result, his right hand was severed.

The attacker then picked up the victim’s severed hand and slapped him with it. The fight involved two groups of 12 Emiratis and Arab nationals.

The prosecution charged the youth who brought the sword, the one who hit the victim with the sword and the victim himself with indulging in the group fight.

The victim and his friends took the severed hand to Rashid Hospital in Dubai where doctors performed a surgery to reattach the hand.