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Dubai: A taxi driver has gone on trial accused of sexually abusing a female passenger, a Dubai court heard on Monday.

The 25-year-old Polish victim asked the 31-year-old Pakistani driver to drop her to Business Bay in September of this year, but when she sat in the back the driver started flirting with her and said she was beautiful.

“I kept ignoring him but he gave me weird looks until we reached my residence,” she said. “He stopped the car and sat beside me and locked the door before touching my legs. I pushed him away and stepped out the vehicle and alerted police,” she added.

Dubai Police arrested the driver, who told officers that he was just complimenting the woman’s watch, which he said was beautiful prompting him to touch the watch and parts of her hand.

“He claimed that he stopped at a traffic signal when she dropped some items from her bag so that he could park on the side of the road and get into the back to help her pick the items up, but then he touched her leg, she got angry and left,” said a police officer.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendant with sexually abusing the passenger.

A verdict is expected on December 23. Until then the defendant will remain in custody.