Dubai: A shooting coach has been jailed for a year for having consensual sex with his student, a former shooting champion, who was also jailed for three months.

The Lebanese coach was accused of having consensual sex with his Emirati former shooting star before he blackmailed her and threatened to post their sex videos on social media.

The Emirati woman indulged in a sexual affair with the Lebanese accused, who coached her at a private club in 2014 and 2015.

On Sunday, the Dubai Court of First Instance jailed the Lebanese accused for one year for having consensual sex, blackmailing the woman and threatening to post their nude videos on social media.

Upon pronouncing Sunday’s ruling, presiding judge Mohammad Jamal ordered jail wardens to take the Emirati defendant into immediate custody, as she was present in courtroom three.

The Lebanese will be deported following the completion of his punishment.

According to records, when the sportswoman decided to stop seeing her coach, the Lebanese coerced her to continue their affair.

When the anti-narcotics police apprehended the woman for her involvement in a drug case, the coach continued to threaten to upload their videos and her nude images on social media.

It was then when the woman [while in detention] complained to the police about his constant blackmail and threats.

The Lebanese was summoned to the police station, where the couple admitted that they had been sexually involved and he signed an undertaking not to blackmail the woman.

However, the coach breached the undertaking, threatened the Emirati again and informed several of her friends and other shooting players about their sex videos.

He was apprehended.

The defendants appeared in court and admitted that they had consensual sex.

The Lebanese denied blackmailing the former champion that he would post the sex videos on social media.

In her capacity as a victim, the Emirati defendant said she had consensual sex with her coach when he coached her at a private club.

“We fell in love and had consensual sex in several places in Dubai. We used to film each other while having sex and we used to exchange those videos on WhatsApp. I used to be under the influence of drugs every time I filmed myself having sex with him. When I broke up with him, he blackmailed me with the videos that he had saved on his phone. I was coerced to surrender myself to him again in order to avoid having the videos posted on social media. Later, my mother knew about our affair and notified the police. After he was summoned to the police for questioning, he signed an undertaking promising to stop blackmailing me. Later, he blackmailed me when I was detained in a drug case,” she said.

The mother told prosecutors that she learnt about the sexual affair in 2017 and that the Lebanese had been threatening and blackmailing her daughter.

The mother testified that she complained to the police after everybody in the shooting club had learnt about the sex videos.

The defendants have appealed their judgements.