There is no truth to recent social media posts claiming residency violators can amend their status for a small fee in the UAE, Sharjah Police said Image Credit: File photo

Sharjah: Sharjah Police have warned against spreading rumours after fake news on social media claimed that violators of UAE’s residency rules could amend their status in exchange for a small fee at a service centre in the emirate.

The Sharjah Police General Command affirmed that it has all the effective skills and technical means to track and arrest the source of these false rumours and their promoters, and to refer them to the judicial authority in order to preserve the security and stability of society.

The General Command of Sharjah Police stressed that the main source of information related to UAE residency violators is the relevant and competent authority, while warning that circulating unreliable information on social media is a crime punishable by law.

‘Use official sources’

Sharjah Police called on the public to always verify the source of the information and take it from its official source before circulating it, and to refer to the official online platforms of the competent authorities to ensure the credibility of the news and information circulated.

This comes in the wake of the rush of many Asian workers early on Sunday to inquire about the posts circulated on social media regarding the alleged amending of the status of UAE residency violators.