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Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police has arrested a reckless school bus driver who almost run-over a child and his supervisor in front of the boy’s house, the police said on Friday.

The incident occurred when one school bus was dropping a child at his residence, while another one chose to ignore the stop sign of the first vehicle.

The second school bus overtook the stationary bus in the same direction and almost hit the child and his supervisor who were crossing the road to enter his house on the other side, said police.

A tragedy was averted as the supervisor stepped back at the last minute pulling the boy along with him.

The driver of the bus was arrested the driver and police seized the bus after the family of the child filed a complaint with Abu Dhabi Police. The family also submitted a video of the incident caught on one of the surveillance cameras installed at their house.

Abu Dhabi Police said that there would be no leniency in cases where lives of students and the public are put in danger through reckless driving and traffic rules violation.

Abu Dhabi Police said they regretted such behaviour from the school bus drivers, who should have been more concerned about the safety of students and should ensure safety of others.