The suspect arrested by police inside a villa in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Abu Dhabi police

 Abu Dhabi: Reem Island murder suspect Alaa Badr Abdullah has been referred to the Federal Supreme Court over the murder and had confessed that she listened to Osama Bin Laden’s recorded speeches prior to her crime, officials in the capital said Sunday.

The 38-year-old Emirati is also believed to have financed a terrorist organisation and carried out her crimes to fulfil their goals, Federal Attorney-General Salem Saeed Kubeish revealed.

Investigations showed that prior to committing her crime, Alaa Badr Abdullah was listening to audio lectures by Al Qaida leaders Osama Bin Laden and Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, in addition to watching videos of murders conducted by these groups, according to the statement released on the Emirates News Agency (WAM).

“She embraced terrorism as a form of jihad and then decided to become involved in terrorist activities in support of Al Qaida and Daesh so she set up an account under an alias on an online forum where individuals from terrorist organisations come together to talk about subjects with violence as an underlying theme,” Kubeish added.

Alaa had been accused of stabbing 47-year-old American kindergarten teacher, Ibolya Ryan, on December 1 last year in the women’s bathroom of the Boutik Mall on Reem Island. Images released by police show trails of blood on the bathroom floor and a large kitchen knife identified as the murder weapon.

Ryan was living with her 11-year-old twin sons while her ex-husband and daughter lived abroad.

Around one hour and 20 minutes later, she allegedly planted a bomb outside the Khalidiya home of an Egyptian-American doctor. Upon leaving the house, his son spotted the explosive and told his mother who notified authorities.

Officials said that the bomb did not explode because of a failure in the fuse.

Police identified the suspect after 24 hours and captured her within 48 hours of the initial crime. A video released by authorities showing the arrest revealed what appeared to be traces of blood on the steering wheel of the vehicle used by the perpetrator in committing both crimes. Other items found included batteries, nails,

Charges against Alaa include possession of explosives without a licence, spreading ideologies belonging to terrorist groups, and funding these organisations with the knowledge that the money will be used to commit terrorist acts, among others. She is also believed to have intended to stir fear among the country’s community and threaten its stability and security.

Kubeish also noted that the suspect confessed to the crimes and was provided with all legal assistance.

The trial date has yet to be announced.

-With inputs from WAM