Dubai: Two workers broke into a Dubai company, tied up and threatened a security guard with a knife, and stole Dh40,000, a Dubai court heard on Monday.

The 40-year-old Nepali guard said that in March of this year two masked men attacked him at 2am in his company premises in Jebel Ali.

They threatened to kill him if he didn’t give them the keys and the location of the company’s money.

“They were masked and wearing gloves,” said the guard. “One of them put a knife to my throat and threatened to kill me.

“They put me in the bathroom and tied my hands together. I kept sitting until another guard rescued me at 6am,” he added.


Two Pakistani defendants aged 22 and 27, who have been arrested in the case, had used the keys to break into the company’s office to steal Dh40,000, which was left inside a drawer. They failed to open the safe however, and then fled the scene.

Police checked surveillance and arrested the defendants.

A policeman said: “One of the defendants confessed that he had planned to steal cash from the company with a second defendant.

“They destroyed the drawers and stole the money,” the policeman added.

Prosecution charged the defendants with false imprisonment, robbery and criminal damage totalling Dh10,700.

The pair denied the charges and one even claimed he was working at the time of the robbery.

The trial has been delayed until September 12.