Jail, prison
Representational image. Image Credit: Pixabay


A man was sentenced to three years in jail over transferring Dh873,000 from a woman’s account using forged documents, a court ruled on Wednesday.

The 29-year-old Indian defendant forged multiple official and unofficial documents, including a power of attorney and an Emirates ID before attaching them to an application to the telecom operator requesting to change the ownership of a telephone number from the victim’s name to a different name.

According to official records, the accused was able to access the woman’s bank account details after obtaining access to the victim’s mobile number, and transferred the money to a private company owned by him.

On December 2017, the Indian woman discovered the crime when she tried to withdraw cash from her account.

She checked with the bank and a bank statement showed that Dh873,000 was transferred from her account.

“I told the bank that I didn’t authorise such a transfer,” she said in records.

The woman reported the incident to Dubai Police.

The defendant denied charges of forgery, use of forged documents, and illegally obtaining Dh873,000.

The man will be deported after serving his jail term.