Dubai: A Filipino salesman has been accused of profiling himself as a male prostitute over the internet and listing his bizarre indecent services and sexual preferences.

While surfing the internet for electronic crimes, an Emirati cyber-policeman discovered that the 30-year-old Filipino salesman, I.Z., had created a personal account profiling himself as a prostitute who was ready to render bizarre sexual services to male clients.

Prosecutors accused I.Z. of working as a male prostitute and encouraging the public to indulge in paid sex with him.

Prosecutors also charged I.Z. and his 39-year-old countryman, E.D., a waiter, with having consensual sodomy.

The Dubai Court of First Instance jailed I.Z. for one year and E.D. for six months.

“I did not work as a male prostitute. My friend, who was deported to Philippines, is the one who posted my name and profile over the internet,” argued I.Z. when he defended himself.

“Did you allow E.D. to have sex with you?” presiding judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi asked the salesman.

“Yes, I did allow him to have sex with me,” replied I.Z. in an affirmative voice.

Meanwhile, according to Wednesday’s judgement, E.D. was sentenced in absentia because he missed the trial.

The cyber-policeman testified that he discovered that I.Z. had promoted himself as a prostitute on a website called [site has been blocked].

“In his profile, he listed the type of men that he preferred and listed the special bizarre services that he was capable of rendering to clients for Dh400. He posted his indecent photos and a mobile number for males [only] to contact him. He used a fake name and called himself Jon Sedrick. Police formed an undercover team that set up a plan to arrest the defendant in a sting operation.

“An undercover policeman posed as a male client and agreed to meet the defendant and have sex with him for Dh800 in a five-star hotel in Downtown Dubai. Shortly after the defendant walked into the room, the police raided the room and arrested I.Z. We found in his possession two condoms and seized his mobile phone that contained pornographic material. He said he worked as a prostitute and offered services to men. He also confessed that he offered fully body massage for men only,” claimed the cyber-policeman.

The primary judgement remains subject to appeal within 15 days.