Dubai: A make-up artist has been accused of practising aesthetic medicine at a beauty centre without obtaining a licence from Dubai’s health authorities, a court heard on Monday.

The Dutchwoman was arrested after a woman health inspector from the Dubai Health Authority [DHA] posed as a client and made an unannounced inspection visit to the beauty centre in Jumeirah in June.

Inside the beauty centre, the DHA inspector was attended to by the Dutch make-up artist, who took her to a treatment room.

When the DHA inspector asked the Dutchwoman about the treating aesthetic doctor, the inspector alleged to have been told by the Dutchwoman that she herself would make the consultation and treatment at the same time.

Thereafter, the inspector identified herself as a DHA inspector and asked the Dutchwoman if she was licensed to practice aesthetic medicine at the beauty centre.

The DHA inspector at the time of the incident found out that the make-up artist didn’t have a licence from the health authorities. She then reported the matter to the police.

The Police apprehended the Dutch make-up artist and the beauty centre’s Indian owner. Both of them were later released on bail.

Prosecutors accused the Dutch suspect of practising unlicensed aesthetic medicine and the Indian woman was charged with abetment [by hiring the make-up artist].

The women suspects refuted the charges and pleaded not guilty before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court.

The Dutchwoman argued before the presiding judge that she did not practice unlicensed aesthetic medicine and that she only does make-up at the centre. She dismissed the inspector’s allegations that she offered her a treatment.

The Indian owner also dismissed the charges levelled against her.

In her statement before police interrogators, the Indian owner confirmed that the Dutch suspect had been working for her since 2014 as a make-up artist and not as a doctor.

The Dutch suspect told prosecutors that she is a make-up artist and cleans the skin of clients.

“The inspector came in for a consultation and I was cleaning her skin in the room. I applied on her cleansing cream and used to clean her skin … such a cream is used by anybody at home. I have a college diploma in cosmetology and beautification. I did not mention that I am a beauty therapist to the inspector but I told her I am a make-up artist … I was questioned by the police without the presence of a translator. I have practised skin treatment in my country where a licence isn’t required, but I didn’t practise skin treatment here. I didn’t pose as an aesthetic medicine specialist and I didn’t use any medical device,” she told prosecutors.

The trial continues.