Dubai: A housewife was jailed for two years for smuggling and possessing hashish and Tramadol pills that airport officials found hidden in a Panadol box when she arrived in Dubai.

Customs inspectors suspected the 47-year-old Egyptian housewife once she reached the arrivals terminal before she was taken to a search room at the airport in August.

While having her searched, an inspector found with her two pieces of hashish and 38 Tramadol pills that she had hidden inside a Panadol box.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the 47-year-old woman of smuggling and possessing drugs and mind-altering substances for consumption.

She had pleaded guilty.

According to the primary ruling, the defendant will be deported after serving her jail term.

She was convicted of smuggling and possessing 187gm of hashish and tramadol pills.

A woman customs inspector said she found the drugs hidden inside the defendant’s luggage when she searched her in a side room.

“My colleague asked me to check the woman’s passport once she reached the customs counter. Then I accompanied her to a side room to search her. I opened one of her bags, a black one, and found inside it Tramadol pills that were inside a box of Panadol. I also found two pieces of hashish that were packaged in golden chocolate wrap papers to make them look like chocolate. The accused denied possessing any banned substances when I first asked her before the search. Upon confronting her with the findings, she admitted that she had smuggled them for consumption,” she said.

The primary ruling remains subject to appeal within 13 days.