Abu Dhabi: Joint investigations by the Health Authority and police resulted in the arrest of an employee working in The National Health Insurance Company (Daman) on Monday for fraud.

The employee admitted his guilt and confirmed receiving payment in return for knowingly selling incorrect health policies.

Personal payments were received in exchange for selling the incorrect government subsidised basic health policies to people who should have been covered by the enhanced product; customers with a total salary per month (without housing) of over Dh4,000.

The Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD) has recently intensified its inspection and enforcement activities with respect to the Health Insurance Law and according to Article 6 of the law, employees earning more than Dh4,000 per month (without housing) need to be covered by enhanced policies.

Daman, who provide healthcare solutions to more than 500,000 customers in the UAE via a network of private hospitals and pharmacies confirmed on Monday that a member of its service centre team has been arrested on suspicion of fraud and the individual is currently in police custody awaiting prosecution.

Routine check

The employee was arrested following an internal investigation by Daman's management triggered by its internal quality, reporting procedures and routine checks.

Dr Michael Bitzer, CEO of Daman, commented: "This is a sad and regrettable incident. We have more than 750 staff in whom we place great trust, and it is distressing to find that this trust has been violated. We have cooperated fully with the police and HAAD and have appreciated their support and professionalism in this matter."

"Fraud or any other illegal activity will never be tolerated by Daman. As a regional company, our standards are high and we are liaising with all staff to ensure they understand what has happened, and their responsibilities in meeting these standards," added Dr Bitzer.