The mother of Palestinian Mahmoud Al Mabhouh, who was killed in Dubai, holds a photo of him at their home in the Jebaliya refugee camp, northern Gaza Strip. Image Credit: AP

Dubai: Dubai Police on Saturday said they are pulling out all stops in pursuit of the killers of senior Hamas military commander, Mahmoud Al Mabhouh.

Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Chief of Dubai Police, reserved from giving details about the crime scene saying the cause of death is by suffocation. "Forensic examination point out that the deceased was suffocated with a pillow in his hotel room," he told Gulf News without commenting on whether he was electrocuted or tortured.

Mahmoud Al Mabhouh, 50, who managed to escape previous assassination attempts, was found killed in his hotel room a day after he arrived to the country. Dubai Police did not reveal the identities of the suspects.

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"From our investigations and evidences collected from the crime scene, we have the identities of the people involved including the killer and the master mind behind this crime. It is a professional criminal group," he said.


A security source said that surveillance cameras in the hotel captured the images of the suspects.

Hamas said the Israeli intelligence unit, Mossad, was behind the assassination of Mabhouh, one of the founders of Hamas' military wing, the Ezz Al Deen Al Qassam Brigades.

According to Lt Gen Dahi, they have send requests through the Interpol to get more information about the suspects and whether the passports they were carrying were authentic. Lt Gen Dahi refused to reveal the European countries they are approaching. He said he expects cooperation from the authorities.

"We are approaching all the channels including embassies and consulates to get more information on the suspects," he said.

"European countries don't extradite suspects but we will demand for the suspects to be tracked," he said.

"The big question to ask is how Hamas allowed such an important figure like Al Mabhouh travel without protection. He didn't have any escort or guard and they should have sought the assistance from the authorities in Dubai to provide him with security, " he said.

"If this is how they handle matters then they have no knowledge on security matters," he said.

When asked on the reasons for his presence in Dubai, he said, "I don't know. All we know is a Palestinian entered on a visit visa to the country. His last name, Al Mabhouh, was missing from his passport."

Mossad role?

Lt Gen Dahi did not confirm or deny whether the Mossad is behind the assassination of Al Mabhouh, as claimed by Hamas Movement, but referred to an article in Sharq Al Awsat quoting an article published in the Israeli daily newspaper, Yediot Ahronot.

"The Israeli expert, [Ron Ben Yishai] stated that indicators from the crime point out to the involvement of the Mossad in the operation," he said.

Al Mabhouh's brother, Fayed was qouted by AFP saying, "The first results of a joint investigation by Hamas and the UAE show he was killed by an electrical appliance that was held to his head. He was then strangled."