Dollars money millions
Dubai Police have arrested an African gang while trying to sell fake currency. Image for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Dubai Police arrested a gang of three men who were trying to sell $4 million (Dh14.6 million) in fake currency over social media platforms for Dh100,000, an official said.

According to Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jalaf, Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Dubai Police, the three African men who were staying in a hotel at Deira area, tried to sell fake dollars for Dh100,000.

“They were visitors and tried to scam people by posting on social media that they have dollars painted in black material and they have a liquid substance to remove the paint,” said Brig Al Jalaf.

Piolice trap

Dubai Police communicated with the gang through undercover policeman, who expressed his intention to buy the dollars for Dh100,000. “The policeman gained the gang’s trust and they were arrested after a trap was set for them.”

Meanwhile, Colonel Omar Bin Hamad, Deputy Director of Anti-Economic Crimes Department at Dubai Police, said the gang used the liquid substance to remove the black paint on one of the banknotes and gave it to the policeman to check whether it's real or not.

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“The $100 banknote was real to scam the victims. We found a bottle of substance and white powder used in the scam,” Col Bin Hamad added. The trio were referred to Dubai Public Prosecution to finish the investigation.

Col Bin Hamad, urged members of society to stay vigilant in front of such scams and to report them to concerned authorities. “It is a matter of logic. If the dollars were real, then the scammers would keep them for themselves rather than looking to sell it for others. They were targeting people who want to achieve quick profit without verifying the source of money,” said Col Bin Hamad.