The defendant who had recorded a man naked while in the shower, will be deported after serving his jail sentence. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A driver in Dubai, who had made a video recording of his countryman naked while in the shower for a dispute over Dh500, was sentenced to six months in jail by the Dubai Court of First Instance.

The 23-year-old Pakistani victim testified that he had borrowed Dh500 from the 27-year-old Pakistani defendant with a promise to return it after one month.

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However, he failed to keep his promise and asked for more time when he received a call from his brother in Pakistan in July 2020, telling him that the defendant had sent two video clips via WhatsApp of him naked while having a shower.

“The defendant admitted to recording me naked and that he had sent the clips to my brother because he was angry that I was late in repaying the debt,” said the Pakistani victim on record.

The victim then informed the supervisor of the accommodation where he used to stay in the Al Qusais area and alerted Dubai Police as well.

The defendant was arrested and he admitted he had a financial dispute with the victim.

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The defendant claimed that he stood on a barrel on the shower booth next to the booth where the victim was taking a shower and recorded him. He also admitted to using the video clips to force the victim into returning his money.

The court has ordered to deport the defendant after serving his jail term.