knife attack
The victim of the knife attack had jokingly sprayed water on the accused earlier in the day. Photo for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Agency

Ajman: Ajman Criminal Court has sentenced a 38-year-old expatriate man to five years in jail, followed by deportation, on charges of trying to murder one of his colleagues at a labour accommodation in Ajman Industrial Area.

Investigation revealed that the defendant had stabbed the victim multiple times after he had sprayed water on him. The accused had stabbed the victim multiple times with a knife during a quarrel that broke out between them after the victim had jokingly sprayed water on him.

Police called

Police received a call stating that there was a quarrel at a car wash station in the industrial area of Ajman. The workers’ supervisor and the others present at the spot tried to stop the quarrel and took away the accused from the victim. Police then transported the victim to hospital for treatment.

During interrogation, the victim said that on the day of the incident, he had jokingly splashed water on the defendant and mocked at him. This triggered a fist fight between the two. Those present at the spot intervened and stopped the fight. The accused then went to his room, but he soon came back with a knife and took everyone by surprise as he started stabbing the victim.