Sharjah: An Emirati teenager has been honoured by Lietunant Colonel Rashid Saif Al Zaabi, Director of Kalba police station, for his courage and help rendered in arresting a ‘wanted’ person.

The teenager, 14, identified as Mohammad Saeed Al Zaabi, noticed an Emirati man in his 30s moving suspiciously at night in his neigbourhood around two weeks ago. He immediately reported the man to the police on 999. The police had earlier received another criminal report. It turned out that the two cases were connected, so police acted on the tip off provided by the boy and managed to arrest the suspect, who has since been referred to Public Prosecution.

Lt.Col. Al Zaabi said the alert boy had done the right thing by contacting the police. He hoped the incident would motivate others to cooperate with the police.

The General Command of Sharjah Police never misses an opportunity in honouring those who help strengthen security and play a positive role in society, he added.