Ajman: A 15-year-old Emirati boy in Ajman has been missing since November 17, his mother said on Wednesday on the Ajman Radio live Programme.

The boy, who left his home at the start of the week, has not returned.

Umm Abdullah, the boy’s mother, said they have registered a missing person complaint with the police.

“We checked with all our family and friends, the police and hospitals, but there is no sign of him,” she said.

She told the radio that her son is prone to changes in behaviour.

She also revealed that their home caught fire some time ago and her son’s room was burnt, but he had managed to escape.

Brigadier Abdullah Ahmad Al Hamrani, Deputy Commander of Ajman Police, said they are making all efforts to locate the teenager missing for four days.

The police appeal to the public to contact the force if they have any information regarding the boy or his whereabouts.