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For illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Dubai Police foiled an attempted theft at a company in Jebel Ali area, an official said on Monday.

Brigadier Adil Al Suwaidi, director of Jebel Ali police station, said a police patrol suspected a white pick-up loaded with boxes.

“The two officers stopped the vehicle and asked the two suspects about the receipts of tools and electric devices on the truck. They told the officers that they don’t have receipts and the driver claimed that he was transporting it from a company to another,” Brig Al Suwaidi said in a statement.

The pair failed to provide names of the companies or contacts to the officers who insisted to see the receipts.

“They confessed that they were carrying stolen goods and a security guard of the company helped them to steal from the company.”

The police arrested the guard who admitted stealing the goods with help of a worker before selling it to the two suspects.

“The officers foiled the theft after they suspected the vehicle and stopped it. The goods were returned to the company,” Brig Al Suwaidi added.

The four suspects were referred to concerned authority for legal action.