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Dubai: A petrol station supervisor went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after he was accused of illegally obtaining Dh521,000 from the station’s income.

The 31-year-old Filipino defendant, who was working in the petrol company for five years, was stealing small amounts of money from the income between March and September 2018 by forging documents and changing figures.

According to official records, another supervisor in the fuel station in Bur Dubai discovered the scam in August 2018 when the defendant finished his shift and handed over the income.

“We discovered Dh5,000 missing from the income. We checked the surveillance cameras and saw the defendant hiding the money in his shoes before leaving. He confessed to illegally obtaining the money and promised to return it,” said the Indian supervisor in records.

The petrol company launched an investigation and checked the income documents and discovered that he was stealing money since March 2018.

The defendant, who was arrested, confessed to embezzling Dh5,000.

According to records, the income on one particular day was Dh128,801 but he had forged a document and handed over only Dh88,801.

The defendant was charged with forgery and illegally obtaining the money.

The trial has been posted to September 23.