Pills may not be the answer to your problems. Image Credit: Pexels

Dubai: A doctor who was accused of selling illegal painkillers for Dh375 was acquitted.

His lawyer proved that his client works in a well-known hospital, earn Dh40,000 per month, live in his own villa and doesn’t need to trade with drugs.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the Iraqi doctor with possessing illegal painkiller for the purpose of trading and personal consumption.

Abu Dhabi federal court acquitted him due to lack of evidence. All drug peddling cases are heard in the fedral court.

Defense lawyer Mohammad Al Redha, of Al Redha Advocates and Legal Consultants, told Gulf News, that his client has a well reputation and he was a doctor in a Dubai hospital for many years.

“It is not logical for him to trade in drugs. Police said that they caught him selling 54 pills of illegal painkillers for Dh375. He has his own villa and his salary is Dh40,000 and it is impossible that he will trade with drugs,” Al Redha told Gulf News.

According to official records, Dubai Police received a tip-off that the defendant got the illegal painkillers from unknown persons.

On August 2018, the police set up a trap and arrested the defendant in Al Qusais area.

According to an officer at Anti-Narcotic Department in Dubai Police, their source met the defendant at 10:30PM near a residential building and he handed over the money for the drugs.

“We searched the defendant’s house and found more drugs,” the Emirati policeman testified.

Lawyer Al Redha said that his client got the painkillers from Dubai Hospital based on medical prescription two months before the arrest as his client recently had a painful surgery.

“My client had 163 pills of illegal painkillers based on the medical prescription. Police claimed that he sold 54 pills to their source but when they searched the house they only found three pills missing from the 163 pills,” Al Redha added.