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Dubai: A man went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday after he was accused of sending an Emirati woman nude clips of her sons and threatening to post them online.

The 32-year-old Pakistani who worked at the woman’s home in Dubai’s Al Barsha area possessed revealing clips of the woman’s sons.

According to official records, the woman received the clips on her phone besides WhatsApp messages from an unknown man asking her to contact him.

“He wrote that he has more clips and that if I didn’t contact him, he would send the videos to my husband and publish them on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter,” said the 53-year-old Emirati woman in records.

She refused to contact him and alerted her husband who informed Dubai Police.

Police apprehended the defendant who confessed to threatening the victims with clips he obtained when he used to work with her and visit her sons’ homes to pick up items for her.

The defendant alleged that once he was tasked to bring a mobile phone from one of her son’s houses. Having accessed the phone, he found the clips, he added.

“I copied the clips using my mobile phone. Later I threatened to publish the clips to annoy her as I was very upset with my work and wanted revenge,” the defendant, who is in police custody, said in records.

However, the defendant denied issuing online threats.

The verdict is expected on September 18.