Dubai: A businessman has been jailed for two years and fined Dh12,000 for getting drunk and attempting to rape a saleswoman in his flat.

The 32-year-old Syrian businessman, T.M., was said to be drunk when he tried to remove the clothes of the 32-year-old Kyrgyz saleswoman and attempted to rape her on his couch on August 20 in Dubai International City.

“I learnt kickboxing when I was in school. I was not afraid of T.M. so I stood up to him when he tried to rape me. I fought back and defended myself and my honour,” the Kyrgyz woman testified before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

Presiding Judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi found the accused guilty of attempted rape, assaulting the saleswoman and causing her permanent disability, resisting arrest and getting drunk.

The court jailed T.M. for two years, fined him Dh12,000 and referred the woman’s civil lawsuit to the Dubai Civil Court.

“The accused will be deported following the completion of his punishment,” said Presiding Judge Al Mahdi.

The Syrian pleaded not guilty. Prosecution records said the businessman got drunk and repeatedly punched the saleswoman on her ear and face when she foiled his attempt to rape her at his home.

Due to the brutal beating, the Kyrgyz woman’s eye turned blue and became swollen.

“I know kickboxing and have a lot of self-confidence… he didn’t scare me. When I foiled his attempt to remove my jeans and rape me, he got angry and punched me on my left ear and in my face. I lost two teeth and my eye became swollen,” the woman said.

When the victim testified in court, she cried and pointed out that she has been suffering from constant pain in her ear and head and asked T.M. to pay for her medication.

Testifying that T.M. punched her three to four times, the saleswoman claimed that since being beaten she cannot hear properly and still suffers from swelling in her eye.

She said the incident happened shortly after the defendant got permission to join her and her friends at a disco.

“He sat with us and we consumed liquor. Then he offered to take us to his residence to continue partying. My countrywoman got drunk and her boyfriend took her down to his car. I stayed in T.M.’s flat searching for my mobile phone. When I refused his invite to sleep over, he suddenly pushed me down on a sofa. He punched my left ear, then pounded me with continuous blows to my eyes. I fought him and prevented him from removing my jeans,” said the woman.

Records said a Dubai police team escorted the woman to Al Rashidiya police station where she lodged a police complaint against T.M.

Sunday’s judgement remains subject to appeal within 15 days.