Dubai A woman has been accused of getting drunk, cursing and assaulting a taxi driver before assaulting two policemen and making rude gestures.

The Indian taxi driver was said to have picked up the 43-year-old Ukrainian employee from a hotel where she had been drinking in April.

Record state the woman, once seated in the car, wanted to go to the nearest KFC branch on Shaikh Zayed Road.

During this ride, the woman spat at the driver, assaulted him and cursed him before he stopped at the Business Bay Metro station.

He stopped at the station because he was afraid of causing a traffic accident as the situation deteriorated in the car.

Two policemen aproached the taxi and when they tried to talk the drunk woman into going to the police station with them, she purportedly cursed and assaulted them as well.

When she was finally taken to the station, the 43-year-old thrrew water at the officers and made rude gestures.

Prosecutors accused the Ukrainian woman of getting drunk, cursing and assaulting the driver and assaulting the policemen and gesturing indecently in public.

“I was completely drunk … No! No,” the Ukrainian suspect told the Dubai Court of First Instance as she entered a not guilty plea.

Presiding judge Mohammad Jamal adjourned the case until prosecutors amend the accusation sheet and mention in it the exact curse words that the suspect had been accused of using. The trial reconvenes on December 25.

The driver testified to prosecutors that the woman rode with him at 5pm and she seemed too drunk.

“She asked me to take her to KFC … during the ride I don’t know what happened to her. Suddenly she started cursing me and spitting at me. She also pulled my shirt. I had to stop in order not to make an accident. Police arrived at the station shortly after I had called them. She cursed the policemen and acted physically violent with them when they tried to take her to the police station. I also saw her flicking her middle finger,” the Indian claimed to prosecutors. A policeman testified to prosecutors: “The woman was brought to the police station following a dispute between her and the driver. She cursed the police and cursed the task force in general and also flashed her middle finger … then she was restrained and put inside the confinement.”