Al Ain: A man who developed prostate enlargement and went for a medical check up accused his doctor of sexually molesting him by inserting a medical instrument in his rectum.

The Gulf national man, in his 40s, went to visit the Arab doctor over rectal problems. After examining the sick man, the doctor realised his prostate was enlarged.

The Gulf national, who was unfamiliar with problem, asked the doctor for medication.

“The doctor asked the patient to remove his dress and bend down on the medical bed inside his clinic. Then he brought the medical instrument and placed it inside the man’s rectum as part of the medical examination and treatment process. The Gulf national immediately jumped off the bed and scolded the doctor. He accused him of molesting him and rushed to the nearest police station to complain. Police summoned the Arab doctor, who denied the man’s allegations that he molested him. The doctor contended to the interrogating police officer that what he did was an ordinary medical procedure and part of the check up,” a source close to the case told Gulf News.

Police referred the case to prosecutors for further investigations.

The doctor told the prosecutor that he did not molest the patient and that what he did was standard medical procedure.

The doctor provided the investigating prosecutor with an address of a medical website that explained the procedure to treat the problem.

Prosecutors dismissed the case for lack of any crime.