Police team survey the crime scene to collect evidence Image Credit: Courtesy Abu Dhabi police

Abu Dhabi: A six-month-old murder was uncovered when a bulldozer driver accidentally severed a human head on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi city, the Abu Dhabi Police revealed on Tuesday.

In an attempt to clear up a littered area for incineration, the blades of a bulldozer accidentally cut off the head of a murdered man in Abu Dhabi’s eastern Al Samha area.

The rest of the body was found a few metres away, buried in a shallow ditch under a tree in the desert.

Found in its skeletal form with only the hair intact, the head was found by cleaning workers and the driver of the excavator on March 7. The men were cleaning up the area, according to Abu Dhabi Police.

The victim was identified as 30 year-old Asian heavy duty vehicle operator, K.S., who has been missing since mid-September 2012, and is wanted by his real estate company for absconding, said Colonel Dr Rashid Mohammad Borshid, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Abu Dhabi Police.

Police reports revealed that the body of the victim was fully clothed and was found with identification documents and his personal mobile phone. DNA tests are yet to confirm whether the body and head belong to the same person, and the cause of death.

“Initial leads have revealed that three Asian men are suspected for their involvement in the crime. One of them is believed to have covered up the crime by not reporting it to authorities,” Col Borshid said.

The remaining two men allegedly conspired to bury the victim in the same area where they murdered him with an axe and stabbed him three times. “According to the first suspect’s testimony, the victim had previously sexually assaulted one of the suspects,” the CID official said.

The second suspect fled the country the day after the incident and the third one did the same on the third day telling their employers that they were leaving due to an emergency, according to Borshid.

The two men are wanted by Interpol.

Investigations are yet to determine the exact motive for the murder. Crime experts noted that there is a suspicious relationship between the alleged offenders and that a dispute is most likely the cause of the crime.