Ajman Municipality
The Public Health Administration team at Ajman Municipality has warned against running any illegal slaughter houses in the emirate. Image Credit:

Ajman: The Public Health Administration team at Ajman Municipality, in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development, raided a residential house in Al-Rawda 1 after they were tipped off about residents running unlicensed commercial activities inside.

The occupants of the house would slaughter animals at home and sell them.

Two facilities to which the meat was being supplied were also closed. The authorities seized all tools and products from the two facilities.

The civic body confiscated the unfit meat products.

It is illegal to slaughter animals on residential premises or public places and those violating the rule are liable to pay hefty fines.

If a butcher is caught slaughtering animals illegally, he can be jailed and deported after the due legal process. His sponsor too is liable for a fine.

Safety checks

At licensed slaughter houses, veterinary doctors conduct quality checks on animals to ensure that the meat is fit for human consumption,

“But there is no such check-ups when you do it at home,” official said.