Workers removing the social distancing stickers at the Burjuman Metro station in Dubai on Monday. Image Credit:

Dubai: Residents, netizens and regular riders of Dubai Metro welcomed the move by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to remove the social distancing stickers inside the trains and the metro stations, saying that “this is positive sign that Dubai is heading for full recovery from COVID-19. “Social distancing stickers being removed from Dubai Metro stations – signs heading for full recovery from Covid. Alhamdulillah,” tweeted Mirza Muhammed Rafat @MirzaRafat on Monday. Gulf News confirmed the new move by visiting the metro stations with no social distancing stickers on the floor or on seats. An RTA official confirmed that social distancing stickers are being removed and its ‘business back to normal’.

Another netizen, JZTraveler, also shared a photo showing staff removing the social distancing stickers on the floor. It was captioned: “Social distancing sticker getting remove at Dubai metro station… We’re well on the way to full recovery.”

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Filipino expat, Mark, who uses the Metro to work, told Gulf News: “This (removal of stickers) indeed sends a positive message. It creates a psychological impact that things are returning to normal – pre-pandemic times.”

RTA removes social distancing stickers from the seats at metro stations on Monday. Photo taken at the Discovery Garden Station. Image Credit: Nivetha Dayanand/Gulf News

Increased passenger capacity

Early this month, the RTA confirmed to Gulf News that “the number of passengers allowed on public buses in Dubai is likely to be increased soon.

“Studies are currently on to increase passenger capacity on modes of public transport in Dubai. With the relaxation of COVID-19 rules by the government, the RTA is considering stepping up the number of passengers permitted on public buses across Dubai,” RTA confirmed to Gulf News.

The move is also in anticipation of surge in demand for bus services and to provide more mass transit options for the upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai, which is set to open on October 1.

The RTA is also working on expanding the bus-on-demand services to more communities in Dubai. RTA’s bus-on-demand service, which started in February 2020, has proven to be a big hit among public transport users as the app-based service allows riders route flexibility and cuts waiting time for commuters.

The recovery can be attributed to RTA’s quick action and effective strategy against the spread of COVID-19.

Workers remove social distancing stickers at a metro station in Dubai on Monday. Image Credit: