scaffolding collapse
The incident took place at Abu Dhabi's Al Raha district. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A construction worker died and three others were seriously injured after a crane fell on them at a construction site in the Al Raha area of the capital on Sunday morning, Abu Dhabi Police said.

The injured were transferred to the nearby Al Rahba and Al Mafraq hospitals for treatment. They received major to moderate injuries.

The Abu Dhabi Police Central Operations Department control centre swung into action soon after it received a call, with rapid intervention teams, ambulance patrols and police units being dispatched to the site to rescue and treat the injured workers.

Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahim Ali Jalal Al Baloushi, director of Rapid Intervention Department at the Directorate of Emergency and Public Safety, called on contracting companies to provide all means and safety tools at work sites and ensure regular maintenance of cranes.

Last week, a scaffolding collapsed on the Zayed the First Street in downtown Abu Dhabi. Although there were no casualties, traffic movement was disrupted

Abu Dhabi Municipality said the Crisis Management Team, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Police, Department of Urban Planning and Municipality and Department of Transport, subsequently replaced the broken scaffolding.

“Traffic was temporarily stopped and the debris was removed. No injuries or damages to vehicles were reported,” said Abu Dhabi Municipality.