A woman checking the features of the camera Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes

As I walk, the field of vision before me alters from moment to moment. My eyes vigilantly scrutinise my surroundings. When I feel like I have received some sort of sign from nature, my fingers automatically go for the shot.

Photography is both striking and yet subtle in the way in which it deals with its subjects. It takes an instant out of time, alters life by holding it still and permanent. What I love most about photography is that you manage to capture a moment with a camera, without having anticipated it. You have to be ready to welcome the unexpected. A perfect snapshot freezes the moment before it has slipped away. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you perceive what your eyes notice through the lens.

There are many reasons why I’m passionate about photography. I was in search of a tool that would help me engaging with the world every day. Photographs are the universal language of our era. To take a good shot, all that you require is the perfect light, background and a little creativity.

Dubai is number 18 on the Skyscraper Index Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Photographs try to tell a story. It could be about happiness, misery, joy, triumphs and any kind of emotion. A photograph, to me, is an open door into the past and another that allows a closer look into the present. It is indeed an art of observation. I do not know any subject that is more complex or richer than architectural photography that is all about capturing concrete structures rising vertically from the ground, and posing a frontal outlook in the line of vision.

Our everyday life is beautiful and we need to remember that. Photography captures all that beauty through pictures.

- The reader is a student of a Dubai school.