Sakil Khan Sarwar Khan Big Ticket
Sakil Khan Sarwar Khan Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Sakil Khan Sarwar Khan, a Dubai expat and engineering coordinator, took home Dh15 million in this month's Big Ticket Abu Dhabi draw.

Khan will use the cash prize to clear his debt and start his own business,a press statement from the organiser said on Thursday.

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He has been purchasing Big Tickets with a group of his friends since 2015, the release added. Tonight’s win, he said will be shared amongst 15 people.

“Usually, I select raffle ticket numbers randomly,” he said. “This time, though, I purchased the tickets on my birthday and really thought hard about the numbers I chose.”

Khan intends to continue purchasing tickets, the release quoted him as saying. 

There are four Indians on the winners' list along with one Pakistani and two Bangladeshi nationals.