Dubai: Thousands of workers employed by Dubai’s largest construction firm, Arabtec, who stopped work demanding a salary increase and overtime pay are back at their worksites after being promised their issues will be sorted out.

On Saturday the Arabtec workers in Abu Dhabi stopped work while the company’s Dubai workers joined in on Sunday — also demanding they receive overtime pay and a salary increase.

The workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries stayed in their accommodation.

According to a senior official from the Ministry of Labour the labour crisis management committee followed up on the Arabtec’s workers’ issue.

The official said the workers were paid on time.

“Our investigations revealed that the company is paying workers according to the labour contracts it signed with them,” the top official added.

The labour crisis management committee comprises police, labour, residency department and other government bodies.

Dubai Police said that they are working with the Ministry of Labour and the company to sort out the workers’ issues.

According to an Arabtec company spokesman the workers are paid on time and are given free food and accommodation, health insurance and transport to work.

“We are working closely with the Ministry of Labour and police to sort out the problem,” the spokesman said.