The gathering featured Jawaher Al Ameri, a high-power lasers expert honoured as an Emirati thinker in the 'Mufakiru Al Emarat' initiative at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, and Ahmad Rachdan, content creator and linguistic content producer for three seasons of the Arab Reading Challenge, and was moderated by Amer Mohamad, host of 'Bil Fus’ha'.

Dhafra: In a captivating seminar entitled ‘The Relationship of Arab Youth Today with the Linguistic Heritage of the Arabic Language,’ Al Dhafra Book Festival 2023 explored youth’s role in boosting Arabic content on social media.

The seminar, an integral part of the festival’s cultural programme, featured dynamic discussions led by young content creators, shedding light on the current state of the Arabic language and its promotion in the realm of social media.

Moderated by Amer Mohamad, writer and presenter of the show ‘Bil Fus’ha’, the session brought together Jawaher Al Ameri, expert in high-power lasers, classified as an Emirati thinker in 2023 in the ‘Mufakiru Al Emarat’ initiative at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, and Ahmad Rachdan, content creator and linguistic content producer for the past three seasons of the Arab Reading Challenge.

Both speakers are esteemed members of the groundbreaking Arabic Language Youth Council, pioneering an infusion of contemporary and youthful perspectives into linguistic endeavours.

Linguistic heritage

During the discourse, Jawaher Al Ameri shared her profound connection with the Arabic language, ignited by her mother’s influence, propelling her into the realms of Nabati and classical poetry.

Al Ameri lamented a growing disconnection from Arabic due to the widespread use of English as a common language, urging young minds to take charge in preserving their linguistic heritage through creative initiatives.

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Encouraging a fusion of expertise with language, Al Ameri declared, “I love to connect my expertise in lasers with the Arabic language, making it the language of sciences, including energy and artificial intelligence.”

She emphasised the need for introducing Arabic equivalents in fields currently devoid of such terminology.

Ahmad Rachdan, reflecting on his linguistic journey from the era of paper to modern digital technology, highlighted the misconception that Arabic is dull and cumbersome.

As part of the Arabic Language Youth Council, he champions breaking this stereotype through his show ‘Basita,’ simplifying Arabic grammar, and the ‘Midad’ programme, using visual content to bring the youth closer to Arabic calligraphy.

Rachdan asserted the importance of leveraging modern media as a powerful platform for conveying messages, urging collective efforts to revive and promote Arabic content in the contemporary landscape. In the midst of Al Dhafra Book Festival, these discussions echo the resounding commitment of the youth to revitalizing the essence and relevance of the Arabic language in the digital age.