Event management companies like Hafla start-up in Abu Dhabi now have become more tech-savvy in their businesses, thanks to Hub71..

Abu Dhabi: Hub71, Abu Dhabi based leading tech hub, promises to provide solutions to tech-savvy start-ups in the emirate.

It provides tech start-ups programs, services and equity-free incentives to unlock new opportunities for their global growth. Hafla, an event organising and management company is one fine example of how Hub71 is nurturing the start-ups.

Hafla, an Abu Dhabi-based start-up, has introduced a one-stop solution for event organisers to manage everything needed for their events using smart technologies. The interactive platform uses data and algorithms to offer personalised recommendations to help source venues, equipment, services and catering for any type of event.

The simplicity of the model has caught the attention of investors and customers. To date, Hafla has attracted more than $1.5M in seed funding, enabled more than 3,000 events with more than 500 corporate clients onbaord.


Fund-raising is essential for start-ups but it’s also a key pillar of sustaining a tech ecosystem that nurtures high-growth tech companies like Hafla. Hub71 in Abu Dhabi is a case in point. A global tech ecosystem, which has cultivated a network of venture capital funds, has been supporting Hafla and more than 100 other tech start-ups to scale and develop solutions that generate real impact.

“Founders, who are scaling the leading businesses of tomorrow, are inspiring new ways to influence how we do things,” explained Amer Aidi, Head of Marketing and Operations at Hub71. The value in Hafla’s innovative approach caught the eye of Hub71 as it is actively working to address issues in the events industry using AI technology.

“We knew that we could help to accelerate the company’s growth, while also providing the resources for Hafla, and others like it, continue to shift gears in the industry,” added Aidi.

Equity-free incentives

Hafla has benefited from equity-free incentives (subsidised housing, office space, and health insurance) lowering set-up expenses and stimulating new business opportunities from other start-ups at Hub71 as well as other Abu Dhabi-based entities. For Hafla, Hub71’s support has meant early-stage recognition, lower operational costs and timely mentorship — these are just a few of the many perks that have built Hafla’straction in the market.

“I see a lot of time and effort being spent to support of start-ups across all tech industries. Innovating concepts need a community to believe in them and provide early backing in a risk-free set-up” commented Hafla Founder, Vaibhav Doshi. Today, Hafla works with more than 850 suppliers in the UAE.

“We are grateful for Hub71’s leadership, which is incredibly supportive and puts a lot of faith in all of us. All the elements of an effective tech ecosystem are critical for an early-stage start-up’s survival and success”, added Ghassan Nawfal, Vice President at Hafla.