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Abu Dhabi: Public health inspectors in Abu Dhabi are working to test and analyse water in fountains across the capital city in a bid to ensure that they are free from substances hazardous to public health.

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has launched a comprehensive campaign to ensure the safety of 100 fountain systems, and ensure that the water is free of harmful bacteria and pathogens of any kind. Inspectors are therefore sampling water, and carrying out extensive testing.

Risks of polluted water

Polluted fountain water can spread diseases, and can enable insect infestation and bacteria growth, the Municipality said in a statement.

Launched in June, the municipal campaign will extend until the end of the year. A series of specialised mobile devices have been deployed to enable on-site testing during field visits.

Regular measures

In general, water used in Abu Dhabi’s public fountains is replaced every 14 days as a precautionary measure. The Municipality added that its inspections have already stressed to fountain operators the importance of ensuring water quality in public systems and installations, and the need for regular maintenance.

How to keep fountains clean

The Municipality calls on residents and visitors to help maintain the cleanliness of public fountains. It issued the following guidelines:

-Do not dump waste in public fountains

-Avoid using water from the fountains for any household purposes or cleaning

-Never drink water from public fountains

-Keep an eye on children around fountains to prevent accidental falling and drowning