Watch out for the stop signal of school bus or pay Dh1,000 fine in Abu Dhabi
Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Police have once again reminded motorists to come to a complete stop when school buses display the Stop sign, and to ensure that there is a five-metre distance between the vehicle and the school bus.

The traffic regulation applies to vehicles approaching a school bus from either direction, and compliance is monitored through cameras installed on school buses.


The Abu Dhabi Police also released a video clip that shows the regulation in practice, and how offenders are monitored through bus-mounted sensors. The authority also reminded motorists of the Dh1,000 traffic fine and six traffic black points that are imposed on motorists flouting the rule.

Back-to-school safety

The reminder follows the opening of schools across the emirate this week. Traffic authorities have been carrying out widespread awareness campaigns in order to ensure the safety of children travelling to and from school.

School buses put up the Stop sign when they make a stop so that students can board, or disembark from, the bus. The regulation to make a complete stop applies across the UAE, and the Dubai Police have also recently urged motorists to abide by it.