Vikram Rao, CEO of Strategic Housing Group Image Credit: Supplied

Where is the hostel located and when will it be completed?

The hostel, known as The Myriad Dubai, will be the first of its kind for students in the UAE. It will be located in the heart of Dubai International Academic City. The project will be completed by 2020. The hostel will sprawl across 58,000 square metres and feature other amenities as well.

How many rooms will The hostel have and how many students will it accommodate?

According to our master plan, the facility will have 1,820 rooms. We are yet to decide on the number of students for each room.

What other facilities will be provided to students?

We will have a buffet service at our food halls. Plus there will be other restaurants, fast food joints and coffee houses within the campus. There will be many convenient stores as well as pharmacies. We will also operate a shuttle bus to key metro stations.

Will there be indoor sports facilities too?

Yes, there will be separate swimming pools as well as gyms for men and women.

What will be rentals like?

The rent per semester per student will range between Dh16,000 to Dh30,000. The rent includes accommodation and utilities.