How the 30 new initiatives will help. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Department of Community Development (DCD) has introduced the Abu Dhabi Family Wellbeing Strategy, a comprehensive plan aimed at bolstering families as the cornerstone of a connected, cohesive and productive society that contributes to the emirate’s prosperity.

Endorsed by the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, the strategy encompasses 30 innovative initiatives that prioritise the wellbeing of every family member, from children and youth to parents, caregivers and seniors. These initiatives encompass a broad spectrum of areas, such as nurturing strong family values and a sense of national identity in children from an early age, supporting and addressing the needs of senior citizens, and ensuring a high quality of life for all family members.

Key initiatives in the strategy include the establishment of new centres to provide support and preparation for marriages, equipping couples and individuals with the tools to build fulfilling and healthy relationships while promoting family cohesion and effective parenting. The strategy also incorporates financial literacy training and guidance for all generations, the establishment of a family preparation and counseling centre, work-life balance policies, a life skills programme, as well as the development of community centres and policies to enhance the wellbeing of seniors.

To execute the strategy, various local and federal entities from the public, private and social sectors will collaborate, including the Department of Community Development, Family Care Authority, Family Development Foundation, Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority, Crown Prince Court, Authority of Social Contribution - Ma’an, Department of Health - Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Pension Fund, Human Resources Authority, Abu Dhabi Police, Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination, Abu Dhabi Centre for Sheltering and Humanitarian Care - Ewa’a, Abu Dhabi School of Government, UAE Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Community Development.

In his remarks on the strategy’s launch, Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Chairman of the Department of Community Development, emphasised the collaborative efforts undertaken with key partners to develop projects and innovative programmes that empower all family members. Dr. Al Khaili highlighted that the strategy aims to establish strong foundations for families, advancing socioeconomic development by capitalising on the available opportunities in various domains. He also emphasised the importance of investing in the wellbeing of youth and acknowledged the integral role of the family unit in binding society, with seniors serving as valuable assets due to their skills, knowledge and experience.

The Department of Community Development conducted extensive consultations with over 30 entities to gain insights into their current strategies, plans and the enablers and challenges related to social issues and quality of life. Additionally, 23 focus groups were organised, involving different segments of society and the social sector’s workforce, along with 16 interviews with leaders across the Abu Dhabi Government to discuss national priorities and explore avenues for further enhancing the emirate’s quality of life.