Instagram’s user base in the UAE is growing faster than in most countries. Image Credit: Stock photo

DUBAI: One in every four person in the UAE will be on Instagram by year-end, according to the findings of a Dubai-based social media agency. Currently there are 1.2 million Instagram users in the country. The number is likely to go up to two million by end of 2017,” said Samuel Turner, co-founder, Those Social Guys, a social and content agency.

“Instagram’s user base in the UAE is growing faster than most countries. It has risen by 60 per cent from last year as against a worldwide increase of 40 per cent. If this trend continues nearly one in four UAE resident will be on Instagram by year-end,” he said.

Fifty per cent of UAE’s Facebook and Instagram users are under 30. “There are 8.75 million Facebook users in the country. Of them, over four million are aged between 18 and 29 years. Similarly of the 1.2 million Instagram users, 700,000 fall in the 18-29 age bracket. Nearly 72 per cent of Facebook (6.35 million) and 60 per cent of Twitter (680,000) users in the UAE are male.

Age wise break-down of social media users in UAE


13-17 years: 260,000

18-29 years: 4.1 million

30-49 years: 3.9 million


18-29: 700,000

30-49: 350,000

50-64: 150,000


18-29: 330,000

30-49: 330,000

50-64: 440,000